Movie Making

Creativity is a gift each one of us is born with, irrespective of our backgrounds and entitlement of culture, the challenge is to hold onto this gift as we go through life. Movie is a great tool to play with human emotions & creative thoughts. Movie making is creativity of materializing the innovative ideas into a visible script. In the process of development of movie an idea is flourished and gets converted into tangible tool.

Themes :

1. India an emerging super power
2. Product placement in movies

Rules and Regulations :
1. Maximum 02 Participants are allowed per team.
2. Movie should not be of more than 05 minutes.
3. Movie should be submitted in pen drive after registration to student coordinator
4. Movie should play in VLC media player.
5. Copyright fules should not be voilated
6. All participants should submit their movies on 18th March till 10.30 am in CD or Pendrive only.

Faculty Coordinators

  • Prof. P. S. Godbole : 9422917178
Student Coordinators
  • Mr. Akshay Hiwase : 9579480863
  • Ms. Urvi Alaspure : 9890084490

ABHUYUDAYA-2015...on 18th March 2015