In addition to the permanent faculty, leading professionals from corporate world, technical field interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces.
At PRPGEI emphasis is given not only on making you academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for real life corporate world. SO for this purpose we organise guest lectures of experienced persons from corporate world and technical field.

Entreprenuirship Development Cell is a student-led organisation for stimulating and supporting entrepreneural thought and performance across P.R. Patil (Pote) Campus.
The cell aims at enabling our students to generate income through business activities, empower them by skill development trainings and awareness- building programs and reduce gender discrimination through development of men/women leadership. The cell's prima focus is to minimise the burden that men/women face in starting a business, by providing professional bankers, trainers and lawers who can be consulted for advice.

1. To create entrepreneurial culture in the institute
2. To act as a link agency between the institute and industries in the region
3. To promote technology based enterprises and to create technological awareness.
4. To organise entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programs and similar training activities in the premises of the institute for the benefit of students.

5. To provide guidance in preparation of project reports, markets surveys, and also provide assistance services for obtaining loan and other approvals.
6. To conduct faculty development programs for the faculty members of institute for developing resource persons in Entrepreneurship.
7. To undertake research works and surveys for identifying areas having potential for growth of SMEs in the region.
8. To provide various other services to the SMEs in the region on chargeable basis.
9. To popularise the concept of Entrepreneurship through lectures by successful entrepreneurs, radio talks, TV interviews, News items, etc.

PRPGEI has under its umbrella a wide range of activities apart from education that underlines its vision of nation building NSS programme is also one of those other activities. We are always at an edge with their counterpart owing to the well research curriculum and a rest of extra curricular activities that lead to a successful professional as well as personal development. & also to encourge the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experimental learning. N.S.S throws light upon this kind of development.

The art of living course is about practical knowledge and techniques to unlock deepest potential and bring fullness to life. PRPGEI organise such art of living courses for faculty members and for students also, which is helpful to remove stress, disappointment or fear and to overcome poor health. Our institute runs different types of programmes for the overall development of students and faculty members.

Faculty Development is a critical aspect of the PRPGEI's multi-various activities. Several initiatives are taken to make members of the faculty better equipped academically and research oriented. They are free to take up research programmes, write research paper and participate in seminars.

The class room itself offers the faculty both a challenge and an opportunity. Management is one area where theories have to be synthesised with practice all the time. Thus, who teach have to learn as they prepare for lectures they have to constantly reinvent the course material, the theories and concept, in bid to prepare the students into Future Managers

PRPREI includes a free study tour to Dubai, Singapore, Bankok inclusive of industry visits for all students. The idea is to make the students aware of how a truly global economy works and also to bring a fresh outlook to life conducive to enterpreneurial learning. Students are taken around the city for sight seeing as well as industry visits.They can easily share their experiences and the knowledge gained from the interactions with tje other students of the institute. This creates an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment in the campus.