What is Digital Classroom?

Digital classroom solution that empowers teachers to transform chalk-and-talk classrooms into interactive learning center using multimedia based content. This digital class solution can be seamlessly integrated with your professors’ teaching methodologies. This digital solutions use the multimedia resources, animations, images, simulations, 3D models, power point presentation and much more to bring interactivity into the classroom and create a multi-sensory learning experience for students, thus improving their academic performance.

Features of Digital Class Room –

1. It facilitates the adoption of ICT by colleges
2. It supports a ‘Collaborative Classroom’ and helps transform classrooms into more collaborative and dynamic learning environment
3. It gives an integrated environment in which the Professor can seamlessly integrate multimedia objects (animations/diagrams) create custom lecture presentations that simultaneously engage students in technology and subject area curriculum.
4. It provides a readymade digital content repository mapped to the Engineering, M.C.A. and M.B.A. syllabus.
5. It provides a software platform where professors can create their own multimedia content, integrate it into their teaching methods and share it with peer groups. This allows knowledge retention in a centralized server which becomes an asset for the college over the years.
6. It offers one stop solutions containing hardware, software, academic content, training and support services.

Impact of Digital Classroom on

Learning and Learners
a. Improvement in subject-related performance
b. Improvement in attainment levels of students
c. Improvement in student participation through group learning and collaboration
d. Strengthening motivational and positive effects on behavior and communication skills

Professors and Teaching
a. Increased efficiency and collaboration
b. Increase enthusiasm and motivation
c. Sense of ownership of content
d. Saves time, by helping explain concepts with ease
e. Professors can edit the recorded lecture with easy to use lecture editing tools
f. The professors can arrange the content and bookmark each sub-topic individually, this will in turn facilitate the searching of that topic, wherein the students will be drawn to the exact topic they were looking for at one go.
g. A Publish manager monitors and reports the publish lecture status, automates publishing on eLearning web server portals, institute campus server and Digital library.