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The PRPGEI faculty base comprises of regular, visiting, and guest faculty. Experienced guest faculty are usually drawn from industry to provide critical insights on a particular topic/issue in a course or a programme. The core strength of the faculty is formed by regular faculty and a set of committed visiting faculty provide specialised support.

A salient and outstanding feature of the faculty of the institute is that every faculty engages in Research, Teaching in Post Graduate Programme, Interactive Distance Learning Programmes Faculty Development Programmes, and conducts one or more Management Development Programmes every year. Faculty members also actively associate in industry interaction seminars and National/ International Conferences. Such a portfolio helps them in both knowledge generation and dissemination and also in keeping constant touch with recent developments in industry and other sectors as well as global environment, to make education and training programmes more meaningful and relevant. Besides, it helps in benefiting from the synergies between research, literature development and conduction of educational and training programmes.

In its teaching methods, Faculties has adopted several innovative techniques including Lectures and Seminars with the help of the Overhead Projector, Case-Study methods, presentation of assignments.

Besides the academic activities, the Faculty is aiming at an overall development of the personality of the students by giving adequate attention to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.