PRPGEI is truly blessed with a state–of–the–art Infrastructure that provides opportunities for our students to excel in all areas of student life – academically, athletically, socially, spiritually and aesthetically.

All classrooms are fully air conditioned well ventilated, well illuminated and constructed specially to facilitate and enhance participative learning. Overhead projectors are extensively used by the faculties for the deliverence of lecture.
Cafteria approach in management education has conceptualised a new method of learning in an informal manner. This informal learning becomes a vital to induce in students a feeling of closeness and oneness.

  • Totally air conditioned, dust free and equipped with modern infrastructure.
  • LAN with multi-server using windows 2X, Linux, windows 2x3 server and unix.
  • 24x7 internet connectivity through a 2 mbps broad band connection.
  • Latest software installed into the machines.
  • Round the clock internet access supported by high speed network.
  • Digital campus implemented by ETH Pune that provides complete automation of institute

    The 24 hours library is fully automated and airconditioned. The widely stocked library has more than 25,000 volumes of the latest books on various subjects of renowned authors. The library has a good collection of reference books, text books and maps on engineering, management and related topics. In addition to the books on general knowledge, Gate exams, Yoga, Sports, Spiritual and moral values are also there.

    The college has a well equipped auditorium at par with the best in India which is used for seminars, panel discussion with industry professionals and for social activities.

    Language lab is a faciliy where a students learn the language with the help of a teacher through system. This facilities opens a new vista of opportunities in the present global scenario.
    Distinctive Features :
  • Interactive and cost effective language learning platform.
  • Can listen to recorded voices of native speakers.
  • Compose accent and pronunciation.
  • Can speak English fluently and correctly.

    Language Lab is loaded with an array of study materials that enhance life skills development to help the pre graduates not only to make interesting presentations and prepare impressive curriculum vitae but also face interviews with confidence, debate eloquently and communicate effectively.

  • PRPGEI is having various lab facilities for students.

    Chemistry Lab

    Physics Lab

    Electronics Lab

    Yoga and Meditation practice keeps the students mentally and physically fit & helps in increasing power of concentration. Daily yoga classes are being conducted batch wise separately for boys and girls in spacious and airy yoga halls.

    The primary aim for its formation is to impart latest developments going globally through out the world. Weekly screening of the informative movies have helped the students to develop a sense of imagination as we know that imagination is more important than learning collegiate events like drama,dance, singing and management events.

    Culture plays a crucial role in forming a complete man and MBA is a course seeking formation of a complete man. Our cultural club headed by students, takes part in a various inter collegiate events like dance, drama, singing and management events.

    Development of a sporting spirit is the prime objective of the cell. The cell arranges regular sessions of cricket, volleyball, football, chess, carrom and table tennis etc.

    The students of PRPGEI are intensively focused on the industrial sector, as its the place where the future of manager lies. This cell suppliments the students in assimulating industrial jargons like Kaizen, QC, 3600 appraisal, team management etc.

    Hostel Facilities have been provided to needy students. Guest house is made available for 24 hours for both boys and girls.